Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The World: Poetic Connections

Here are a few selections from my book, The World: Poetic Connections (Coastal Villages Press/July, 2004):


Lost like a forgotton fossil buried in the earth
Bossed around adulthood, all the way from birth
I hike the quilted mountain, containing all my bone
And strike a look to distance, struck that I'm alone

As I push away the rocks that strew my tearless way
I still believe that high upon the mountain lies my day
My day to wake, my history unleashed from my mind
I'd stay inside the valley if amnesia left me blind

But though I thought I had forgot the flesh and bone I was
I now seek absolution from the past's winged out buzz
That made my skin become too thin and caused my will to shrink
That bade goodbye to life's perfume that made me smell and think

I reach the summit like a spaceman fresh to plant a flag
I find the smiling bones in camouflage of the crag
I look below and bid the valley of the past goodbye
And look straight up and tally clarities of my new sky


Server snaps his tray holder open
and sits his heavy load down.
We're hapy and starving - who got the flounder?
I gaze at marina sundown.

Hundreds of boat lights shine tiny sunsets
and line the floated tie;
I glance in awe at son's lit face
and plan how not to die.


Do I recall that
Dreams I witnessed
Gleamed this color?

Or it the charmed
Flush of conscious
Thought, waken to see

Pink! All about
In sunrise, on lips
of old and young

The fake kind
Glowing upon the cheek
Bright up the eyes!

I rather the real
Of the palest skin
Grown hot and quick

The colored blush
Diluted blood
And deep draw of air

Once the mirror tells
You have thought
A shocking thought

The World: Poetic Connections is available at all online booksellers, and through my website, http://www.janetcarrhull.com


Blogger Patagonico said...

Hola Janet. de verdad existe una conexion...
esta noche he soñado con tu nombre. al deperatr, te he buscado en paginas. creo que eras tu.
soñaba que me regalaban un libro tuyo. de verdad, es la primera vez que escuchaba hablar de ti... en mi sueño.
te abrazo.


10:43 PM  
Anonymous Janet Carr Hull said...

I had to get an online translation. Thank you for writing to me. What a lovely thought. Janet Carr Hull

1:20 PM  
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